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Our USB power cords convert the 5V output of a USB power port to 12V so that they can power our 12V light bars.  Depending on which power cord you have, this means you can run our 12V light bars off either a 12V battery like a sealed lead acid or lithium battery with our 12V power cord, or a power bank like you use to charge your phone with the USB power cord that are sold with the kits below.  The Ion auger battery with the USB ports can be used, and many times, even a power tool battery that has USB ports will also work.   

A few notes about the power banks.  A 20,000 mAh power bank will be able to power a dual light bar for 6 or more hours.  We have been able to get as many as 10 hours.  The bank needs to be the newer styles that have the smart charging chips built in and have 2.1A or 3A outputs.  Our testing has shown that most of the older power banks will not not work and will constantly flicker the lights, or just turn itself off and not work with our USB power cords. 

WARNINGDo NOT power more than 2 light bars with our USB power cords.  Exceeding 2 light bars connected in series will overload the current carrying capacity of the USB power converter circuit and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment.  It is normal for the USB connector (and sometimes your battery) to become slightly warm during operation.  It is also normal for the USB power plug to have a slight buzz to it depending on the battery USB's output circuit design.  Some power banks are absolutely quiet while others are not.

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