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Unfortunately we can't tell you which kit you should use because there are so many variables.  For example, each person has their own preferences on how much light they like, the size of their own shanty, where they want the light to be positioned in the shanty, and then which power supply source they have.  Add this all together and it would be impossible to tell you exactly what you need.  Our product offers many different possible combinations so we think the best option is simply to show you the different kits that we offer below, and the size of ice shanty they work well in.  We also show which accessory is available for each kit in case you want to customize the kit exactly for the way you want it! 

HAWG Outdoor 12V Single Light Bar Kits and Accessories 3.jpg
HAWG Outdoor 12V Dual Light Bar Kits and Accessories 2.jpg
HAWG Outdoor USB Powered Single and Dual Light Bar Kits and Accessories

Double hubs are much harder to predict what works best in them.  Most people who put three light bars in it are really really happy with the amount of light they get with three light bars.  However, we also know that some people want to be able to control each side of the hub differently so that one side can be a sleeping side and the other side a card playing side.   Choose one or more of the kits above, and from the accessories below to customize your hub castle.

HAWG Outdoor Add-on Accessories for For Double Hub Ice Shanties 2.jpg

Some examples of what we recommend for lighting kits are below

HAWG Outdoor Lighting ideas for most flip-overs and for medium size hubs.png
HAWG Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Large and Double Hubs.png
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