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This is our USB power cord with an integrated rotary dimmer which can be used to power up to two of our light connected together in series by many of the newer USB Type-A 2.1 Amp or 3 Amp capable  power banks,  Five 8-inch straps are included for you to mount this cord to your shanties support bars.  Most older power banks will not work so make sure your power bank is a newer one that has a smart charging controller chip and has at least a  20,000 mAh capacity.


• Rotary dimmer switch with OFF position that gives you the ability to dim the LED light bar so you get the light outpout you want.

• Plug and play design - Connects between the light bar and power bank

• Equipied with our locking DC connector ends that stay connected.

• Totally enclosed, low profile PWM circuit design with a power cord that has an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear.

• Comes with five 8 inch long hook and loop mounting straps to conviniently fasten the dimmer to your support bars so it is out of the way.


NOTE:  You can connect up to 2 light bars with this USB Type-A power cord and it is normal for the USB connector (and sometimes your battery) to become slightly warm during operation.    It is also normal for the USB power plug to have a slight buzz to it depending on the battery USB's output circuit design. Some power banks are absolutely quiet while others are not.


WARNING:  This power cord MUST be powered by a battery bank that is equipped with a smart charging controller chip typically found in recently made, higher end power banks.  Newer power tool batteries that have USB Type-A ports will usually also work.  Older power banks without the smart charging controller chip will not work and will cause flickering, or will turn off and not work due to their internal fuse.  DO NOT EXCEED 2 LIGHT BARS WHEN POWERING BY USB.  Exceeding 2 light bars connected in series will overload the current carrying capacity of the USB power converter circuit and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment It is normal for the USB connector (and sometimes your battery) to become slightly warm during operation, and for some slight buzzing at the USB power plug which is caused by the battery's USB output circuit design.

USB Power Cord with Rotary Dimmer

SKU: 38017
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