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Our releases will prevent lost planer boards, and they also work with tattle flags.  All you have to do is add our release to the back of your board and use your board the same as you normally do, except you run your line through our release to prevent the board from being lost.  That's it, very simple.

But there is another more effective way to use our sliding releases which will virtually eliminate tangles with your inside lines.  This is how to do it and we have no differences in lost fish using this method.  A video of this and more is directly below

  • We run a 4 foot leader and one or two glass beads in front of the swivel on the main line at the head of the leader.  


  • We rig the board so we can manually release it by using the "loop method" at the front clip.    When the board releases, it will turn over backwards (which makes it easier to reel in) and slide down the line and stop at the beads.


As the board slides, it starts swinging the lure and fish towards the back of the boat.  And because the board acts like a bobber, it will also lift the the lure (and fish) upward in the water column.   Now it's super easy to reel in right over the top of your other lines without without tangling.   


Bonus is there is no longer any need to stop to take the board off because it can be brought in at the same time the fish is netted.

Use the release method, and a leader to eliminate tangles

HAWG Outdoor Universal Rear Quick Release Explained

Mike's Fishing Addiction uses the HAWG Outdoor Release on Lake Erie and slams the walleye fishing solo

Using your HAWG Outdoor Rear Quick Release with Tattle Flags

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