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We don't run tattle flags but for those that do, our releases can still be used to prevent boards from being lost. 


This is how we run our releases:

Keep in mind that this release allows the board to slide on the line.  We run a 4 foot leader and one or two glass beads in front of the swivel at the head of the leader and we set the boards to release.   The glass beads also acts as a forward attractor.  When the board releases, the board pulls the line straight behind the boat which makes it super easy to reel in without snagging any of the other lines.  The board will slide down the line and the bead stops the board at the head of the leader away from the fish.   A couple of benefits are that the board acts to lift the fish away from the other lines, and on truly large fish the board also helps to tire the fish during the fight.  We do not see any differences in lost fish compared to the traditional way of a board clipped halfway up the line.  And aside from making it easy to reel in, there is no need to stop to take the board off now.

HAWG Outdoor Universal Rear Quick Release Explained

Mike's Fishing Addiction uses the HAWG Outdoor Release on Lake Erie and slams the walleye fishing solo

Using your HAWG Outdoor Rear Quick Release with Tattle Flags

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