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Face it.  Even we've done it.  A bud is helping fold down the shanty and it's nightime and not used to being sure everything is in the right place.  Next time out, you get the shanty up and notice the light no longer works.  You check everything out and you find out the cord got cut last time it was taken down.  Now what?  Well either you splice your power cord back together or you get a replacement power cord from us.


• This is a power cord replacement like the one supplied with the original kit.  It is a 10 foot long power cord constructed with 20 AWG wires and has an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear.

• Equiped with 1/4" female quick connects on one end to hook up to a 12V DC battery like the type used in your fish finder.  The other end of the power cord has a quick connect locking DC connector to attach power to the light bar.

• Locking DC connector like the original one so that the cords stay connected together.

Replacement power cord - 10 foot

SKU: 38020
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