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Connect light bars or Cluster Lights together in series with this 9-foot long interconnect power cord.  This cord connects the light bars and/or Cluster Lights to each other; it is not used for connecting to the battery.


• Interconnect power cord constructed with 18 AWG wires and has an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear.  Each end of this interconnect power cord has a quick connect locking DC connector that plugs to the light bar.


NOTE:  You can connect up to 5 HAWG Outdoor LED light bars together when using our 12V Light bar kit, and you can connect up to 3 HAWG Outdoor Cluster Lights together when powering with a 12V power source. 


However you can only connect up to 2 HAWG Outdoor LED light bars in series when using our USB power cord.



• Do NOT exceed 5 total light bars connected together with our 12V light bar kits.


• Do NOT exceed 3 Cluster Lights connected together.


• Do NOT exceed 2 total light bars connected in series when using our USB powered power cord.


Exceeding the totals specified above will overload the current carrying capacity of the power wires and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment.


9-foot long Interconnect Power Cord

SKU: 38031
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