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This is a VERY BRIGHT light bar kit and is used to brighten your ice shanty or boat at a price you can afford!  Can also be used in your RV, enclosed trailer, or even when any emergency lighting is needed.  All you need is a 12V DC battery.  If you want dimmer control, purchase the accessory power cord with the 7 setting dimmer switch.  If you want to connect the light bars together in series you will need to purchase the accessory interconnect power cord. 


• Powerful 30 LED light bar at nearly 20 inches long which you can attach to your support bars with convenient hook and loop straps.
• Warm White light (3000-3300k) with an output of 550 lumens which is about as bright as a 50W bulb but because its LED, it has a more focused and directed light output.
• WATERPROOF and packed in a durable aluminum case
• Five 8 inch long hook and loop straps. Use to fasten your light bar and power cord to your ice shanty support bars so they are out of the way
• 10 foot long power cord constructed with 20 AWG wires and has an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear. Equiped with 1/4" female quick connects on one end to hook up to a 12V DC battery like the type used in your fish finder (many other sizes including smaller and bigger 12V DC batteries are available online and at most major DIY stores). The other end of the power cord has a quick connect locking DC connector to attach power to the light bar.

• Low current draw of around 300mA.  A standard 7 AH (Amp Hour)  battery will last all weekend .


NOTE - Connect up to 5 light bars in series using our standard length interconnect power cords. In a boat or an enclosed trailer application, you can wire the light bar directly to the existing 12V DC wiring system but you must make sure your supply wiring is equipped with a 2A fuse.


WARNING:  The light bar MUST be powered by a 12V DC battery only.  Exceeding 5 light bars connected in series will overload the current carrying capacity of the power wires and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment.

12V Light Bar Starter Kit. Add dimmer or more light bars later

SKU: 37766-G
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