Add Dimmer Capability. Use this power cord with 7 Dimmer Settings to power our HAWG Outdoor Ice Shanty LED Light Bar.


• 10 foot power cord with a 7 setting dimmer switch gives you the ability to dim the LED light bar so you get the light outpout you want.

• Totally enclosed, low profile electronic switch. 

• The power cord is constructed with 20 AWG wires and has an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear.

• Equiped with 1/4" female quick connects on one end to hook up to your 12V battery. The other end of the power cord has a lockable DC connector that conviently plugs to the mating DC connector of our light bar.

• Comes with five 8 inch long hook and loop straps. Use to fasten your power cord to your support bars so the cord is out of the way.

ON SALE - Replacement Power Cord with 7 setting Dimmer Switch

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